Do white people have pigment in their skin?

I know they tan but not sure bout pigment?

Answer #1

Of course….if we didn’t we’d have no colour at all.

Answer #2

Us “white people” arent exactly the color white - our skin has variations of color just as african amerians have variation of color. So yes, we have pigment too, if we didnt we would all be the color of paper.

Answer #3

Yes, we do have. Albinos on the other hand may not have any pigment in their skin. White people just has a lot less pigment than black and coloured people because we are built for the cold and for absorption of vitamin D

Answer #4

I wasn’t sure cuz the only way they get color is by the sun, I thought, and everyone else seems to b so much darker, thx for replying

Answer #5

Thx good answe, I am white I just wondered, thx for replying

Answer #6

You’re welcome.

Answer #7

Melanin, which makes skin dark, is a natural sunscreen. It also helps skin to heal faster. Fortunately people with a lot of melanin (dark skin) have less wrinkles as they age because not only do they have natural sun protection, they usually don’t feel the need to tan, so they have less sun exposure. Unfortunately, they can be deficient in vitamin D which you can easily get from the sun (their skin blocks it) and they tend to have more acne scars because their skin will produce little dots of melanin to heal zits. Ups and downs.

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