Why do people think it's so wierd to see a white guy with an afro?

Okay. So I’m white. But I have a massive afro and I love it. But whenever I walk down the street people keep giving me funny looks and people say that it’s because im white and have an afro. Also they ask stupid questions like “where did you get your hair cut” when its obvious that I havent had one for quite some time (over 2 years)

Answer #1

I think afros are cool, go with the fro!

Answer #2

well 4 people it ansimilar you are unique and you got 2 b proud of it and when people insult u, you just keep a thing in your mind that you are one of a kind xD

Answer #3

they are just jelous of your cool hair cut

Answer #4

Because the stereotype that people have about it is that only black and colored people should have Afro’s

Answer #5

Because they never have seen one:)Jealousy.Look at carlito in wwe.

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