Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?

Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?
I want to get somewhere pierced but I don't know where. Is there like somewhere that doesn't hurt at all??

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Don't listen to what people say about piercings not hurting. There are some that hurt less than others, but they all HURT in some way, shape, or form. It's a needle going through a part of your body, what is there to not hurt about that?

Anyways, I'd rank them in order like this, from least to most painful:

1. Lobes (I have seven lobe piercings and did some myself, none really hurt too bad)
2. Tragus (Got it done improperly but it didn't hurt)
3. Bridge (looks painful, but really isn't, though it bled a lot and has a high rejection rate)
4. Double Helix (I got two, the higher one actually hurt less)
5. Sideburn (uncomfy experience, and is already rejecting, jewelry insertion hurt more than the piercing)
6. Upper / Inner heilx (OW! Very bad pain and hurts to sleep on 5 months later)
7. Septum (horrible, sharp pain, made my eyes water like mad)

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your getting a hole peirced through your flesh
that alone is going to hurt, no matter were you put the hole
because your body can feel pain everywere
the amount of pain though all depends on your pain tolerance
the ears however are a place that most people can handle

Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your bellybutton pierced?

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I have
ears...barely even remember
nipple...not too bad, was quick
belly button...hurt more than I thought it would

What can I do to help my newly pierced toung from hurting?
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I had da monroe 1 it didn't really hurt that much just like a realy hard pinch

Do snakebite piercings hurt?

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lol, I've had my nose and belly done, and guess what? the both hurt! the nose not to bad, but the stomach does. Just saying to people whove said they dont hurt, im not having ago at you, or anyone really, just saying lol all piercing hurt, but its not to bad, its over in like 3 seconds. Even if its a nick, you still feel it, so it counts as pain, now matter how small

What hurts more, lip or belly piercing?
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Ok a belly piercing looks cute but hurtz like hell and don't ask us, get what you want b-because no matter how much it hurtz,if you like it it will b worth it in the end=)

Why does my industrial piercing still hurt?

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anyone telling you that a certain piercing wont hurt at all is full of crap lol. I have my monroe, nose, belly button, and the industrial and they all hurt. not terribly, and not during the actual act of piercing but afterwords they ached. and stung to clean for about a month or so.

think about it, its a huge hollow needle going thru your skin...all the way thu. making a hole and sticking something in it. its going to hurt lol. but it wont be an intolerable pain.

Does rook piercing hurt?
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How bad does a lip piercing hurt?

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I think they all hurt a little bit.

How much does cartilage piercings hurt?
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ears I've had my lope and carlitage pireced none of them hurted

Does a clitorus piercing hurt?
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the obvious, ears.
and your nose=)

How long does it take for a nose piercing to stop hurting
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Ears or nose, Don't do your belly lips or tongue they kill!!!

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well ears
imma get my second hole soon :]

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Belly doesnt hurt at all.. Tragus... everyone says this one hurts the most.. it doesnt..I have both done and it heals almost straight away... you hardly feel it.. monroe.. wasnt to bad...no more than getting a needle for a blood test and the nose hurt more than the monroe...lol.. but I had to get that done twice... tongue and labret is next cant wait! x

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im 15 and got my belly periced and it DIDNT hurt at ALL, I couldn't even feel it :) I have my ears periced double on one side and one on the other, those didn't hurt I had my cartiledge done, and it hurt, more than the fleshy fatty part on the lower part on your ear, my mom periced my cartilage, but I am now thinking of getting my monroe periced or tounge :)

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It all depends how much pain YOU personally can handle. Most piercings aren't near as painful as some people make them out to be. If your interested in getting one or more, choose the one(s) you want and go for it! If you really want it done and you get it done professionally, you probably won't regret it and will end up being happy with it. And if you WOULD decided you didn't want it anymore after awhile, piercings DO heal up.
Hopefully this helps you!

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ears are just too simple. when I got my nose pierced it didnt hurt at all, and I had my brother do it! my lip didnt hurt much at all. just a little pinch. the healing process can be painful, but worth it! I DO NOT recommend the belly if you want to avoid pain, that hurt like HELL!

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Every piercing is going to hurt but I am pretty sure from different experiences from different people,piercing can hurt or they don't. My nose piercing didn't hurt. I have always wanted to get my tongue pierced and get a monroe peircing too. I want to get a tattoo too.

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I have my nose, lip, tongue, ears, and I've had my belly button twice.
They one that hurt the MOST was my belly.
The ones that hurt a little bit were my nose and lip.
The ones that really DIDN'T hurt at all was my Tongue and Ears.
They are the less painful ones.
But as with any piercings they will be sore for a couple days-a week after you get them.
My piercing that swelled the most was my lip. second, my tongue, and third my nose, belly, and ears.

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