Which painkiller for which pain?

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because the big amounts of asprin make the sugar low in the blood .. maybe so I think the people who have sugar problems they dont use it

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I always had the thought that ibuprofen was for muscle pain and paracetamol was for everything else...like earache/headache.
my dad doesn't like me taking asprin for some reason.

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well they all have alomost the same reason they work for asprain is for fever and headackes and people who dont have it because it react with other medicen they have and I know one medical condton you cant have aspin and its '' epilepsy''
and ibuprofen is good for teeth pain too they even give it after surgerys for people

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^ oh, thanks.
hmm there's nothing wrong with my sugar levels...well except when I'm fasting.

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my dad mentioned something about asprin and blood?

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I found this:
it mentions asprins effects on blood too.

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I've found that for me, paracetamol works well on headaches and ibuprofen is the best for cramps.

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