Where is the best place to buy J brand cigarette skinny jeans?

I need to know where I can get skinny jeans for a better price than what I have found at Bloomingdales. There has to be somewhere that has J brand cigarette skinny jeans for a better price. Any knowledgeble folk out there know about these jeans?

I know about the Gap’s brand as well as Skinny cords, but I really like the J brand. Help me in my shopping escapade please- these buns need skinny jeans!

Answer #1

There are tons of places since skinny jeans are so popular now.

Mall mainstays such as Express, Bebe and even the relatively conservative Banana Republic are showcasing skinny jeans for spring. Levi’s skinny-fit jeans are so popular that the brand plans to expand its offerings, rolling out a “Rock Skinny” style in its mid-range Levi’s red line now and introducing a premium “Stacked Skinny” Capital E jean in August.

At Girlshop.com, an online retailer of designer duds, sales of skinny jeans have increased 80% since last summer. When the site introduced a skinny jean last spring, “some people got it, but most people were scared of it,” founder and CEO Laura Eisman says. “Now we’ve seen a progression of people embracing them.”

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