Where can you buy skinny jeans?

I was wandering wear you can buy skinny jeans in the mall.

Answer #1

If you are looking for skinny jeans under $30 I would say old navy, they are cute and cheap but if you want some really nice jeans, I would get some sevens or joes from Macy’s.

Answer #2

LoL! I would say aeropostale definatly

Answer #3

oh for skinny jeans most definitely hot topic. they have the best pairs

Answer #4

7 for all mankind x xx

Answer #5

You can buy them basically anywhere. I would recommend Aeropostale, Abercrombie, or pac sun. :)

Answer #6

7 for all mankind x x x x

Answer #7

you can get them at delias or express.

Answer #8

urban outfitters!!!

cheep, and hot!!!

Answer #9

I would say Jcpenny they have tons of em

Answer #10

hahah, I get mine at anchor blue

Answer #11

Just get fat legs that will make them tight

Answer #12


Answer #13

Lvl x, Forever 21, hollister, american eagel, Highmart, And definetly Pac Sun. My best place to shop for those are Forever 21 though I have like 5 pairs!!

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