where is the best place to buy hair extensions?

I want hair extensions the clip on kind. and I was wondering where was the best place to buy some

Answer #1

sallys pairs hilton has a line out right now and sallys sells then

Answer #2

Hot Topic if you have one where you live

Answer #3

well it depends, do you want it to look like real hair like natural hair colors? I suggest sallys because its real hair, but expensive, its better, but you can always buy the fake hair, I dont suggest that tho, or hottopic for extensions, but its not real hair

but me, I go to flea markets, b/c they sell wigs and stuff and its cheaper, and its usually real hair..

or you can just go to a salon and buy some there, but let me tell you, good real looking extensions are EXPENSIVE, if its somthing you want you gotta pay, lolz

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