Where to buy skinny jeans?

I ussually buy them at the mall, but my anty said this time is going to be at target or walmart and I want to know if they sale skinny jeans because I have never bought them…

And also do they sale for woman, my anty said she wants to buy a pair to see why is all the fuss about skinny jeans.

Thanks. =)

Answer #1

walmart has skinny jeans for teans on the miley and max azaria clothes line, but im not sure if they do for women good luck :)

Answer #2

go to delias!! they have great jeans

Answer #3

go look in walmart and target they both have them

Answer #4

walmart has them x

Answer #5

both I think. I got mines form aj wright

Answer #6

yeah wal mart has em.

Answer #7

walmart has them - last pair I bought there was $12, but they run really big

Answer #8

im pretty sure they do to make sure check their website

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