I want to go on the pill

I want to go on the pill. il 14 yeards old and so is my boyfriend we have been together for about 2 years and we have been useing condomes all the 2 years. but now I want to stop and go on the pill. but where can I get some and I dont want my mom too know and I need to know how much it will cost??? can you hepl me plzz???

Answer #1

you shouldn’t even be having sex at age 14, let alone go on the pill for it. post pone the sex till you’re at a responsible age and an age that you will be ready to deal with the consequences of having sex, hmm like getting pregnant. oh and being on the pill without using a condom can get you pregnant. do the pill and the condom if you can’t hold off having sex.

Answer #2

girl something is wrong with you cause 1 you were asked to have sex but you dont want to then you say yo are 13 and have a boyfriend of a year and want to have wild sex with him and now that you are 14 and want to get on the pill?

again I say your just 14 and want to be at least 18 a little to young!!!

Answer #3

omg what! am 16 and I have sex I thought about going on the pill but gurlu only 14 and you said ya been together for 2 years thats cool but when you start having sex with him? your way too young and I thought I was too young I know I am but do you know all the consecuenses (cant spell sorry)of having sex I do I read a lot about things like that and my boyriend is out of highschool wit a job so I talked to him about all the consecuenses if we had sex and he said if anything happend he was going to take care of me but then again he is old and mature(18)…but you need to really think about sex get educated please it helps a lot

Answer #4

your 14

Answer #5

Hon your only 14!!

Answer #6

same problem here :s

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