Can I go on the Pill even without my period?

I dont have my period.. Can I still go on the pill because it makes your boobs grow but I dont have my period.. Is it dangerous? can I? Please Help

Answer #1

o.0 You don’t need to take something to make them bigger if you’re still growing. And if you don’t even have your period yet, you still have a lot of growing to do. The pill will interfere with natural growth and is not good for you. And big boobs count for nothing. Having big ones doesn’t make you any better or prettier than anyone. I honestly don’t think they’re worth anything. They’re in the way and useless. Like m39an8 said, they’re not going to help you get more guys, either. And if you think they will, then you need to change your way of thinking.

Answer #2

don’t go on the pill just because you have small boobs I looked at your profile and your still growing so your boobs are still proberly growing and just because some girls have big boobs doesnt mean they get boys or anything. im a 34 D and my friends hu is a 32 A gets more boys than me

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