When you have Oral Sex are you still a virgin in Gods eyes?

Okay so I’m worried, because I’m a big Christian and believe in God, and I’ve decided to wait for sex til I’m married. But back when I wasn’t a real big Christain I got drunk and gave a guy oral sex. Someone told me that oral sex is still having sex in Gods eyes so I am no longer a virgin. Dont judge, just give me your oppinions.

Answer #1

No to loss your virginty you need to have sexual intercouce meaning a male penise must penertrate and enter you vagina.

I am also a very strong christian I was planning to wait till I was marreid but the fact is I found a man I belive to be perfect I wanted to give all my self to him so I did.

You must remeber love that times have changes when the bible was written 1000yrs ago dating and sex were very different. Unlike today there was not a periord were two people could fall in love you went straight into marriage unlike today were couples can be madly in love but never wed.

If you belive that god may not forgive well don’t. god is a being of love not hate. It says it so and I NOW that he will love you for ever just like I no god loves me and everyone eles.

Answer #2

lisa, I know its wrong, thats why im worried. like I prayed about it, at the time I wasn’t a strong christain, people change. But I just wanted peoples opinoins, so thank you for yours too. I know I’m not one anymore probably in Gods eyes, and I regret it so much, its something that has made a bad impact in my life and if I could take it back I would, but I cant.. so I’ll just have to live with it and pray God can forgive me.

Answer #3

Ok. When your a christian, your supposed to be a walking Jesus. Not exactly like him, but to ‘represent’ him like he took over your body. So would God have oral sex? No so you can go back and forth with these people, but no your not a virgin. Especially in God’s eyes. He says in the bible there isn’t gray spots so if you kill someone or lie they are both sins. So it doesn’t matter if you didn’t actually have sex. You know it was wrong because if you didn’t think it was wrong you wouldn’t be asking people you don’t even know for advice.

-Lisa L.

Answer #4

while oral sex is a part of sex and while you can still catch an std from it it is NOT vaginal sex and you are still a virgin your are no longer a virgin once a male penis enters your vagina since that didnt happen, your still a virgin I dont know what your god thinks about oral sex but if hes all hes cracked up to be, why would he care about something like that?

Answer #5

I’m not like a HUGE christain, but I am a christian. and when I was drunk I barely even knew who God was. So in a way I’m a virgin but I’m not a virgin..? But thanks.. I feel a little better.

Answer #6

sex is when a dick enters a vagina, but if your a big christian then Id have to say getting drunk is just as bad as oral sex for you but not nearly as bad as actual sex.. your still a virgin- dont be stressin :P

Answer #7

Thats a really good question… well of course its considered sex and now you are considered sexuallly active even though you havent been penetrated. Sorry hun sex is sex…but there’s always chances to ask God for forgiveness and reclaim your virginity

Answer #8

Oral SEX. Look at the name sweeety,if it has the word sex in it,your most likley not a virgin. Most people don’t belive this counts as sex, but In my opinion,it counts as sex. Hope this helped!

Answer #9

Are you serious.. ? ):

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