Oral sex/ Virginity..should I tell him???

so, in high school, I went boy crazy, giving guys pleasure “NOT SEX”, but oral sex…I practically did it to any guy I knew or any guy that I wanted to know. I guess I was desperately seeking for attention “which was obvious”. But after all of that, I still kept my virginity, but if guys ask me if im a virgin I tend to say no bcus it already feels like im not virgin, everyone obviously gonna think im not a virgin, but for some reason I always lie to myself and others saying im not a virgin…

Sooo now im interested in this guy, we’ve bin talking for about almost 2 years now, he’s a couple years older then me (3) and we basically talk about EVERYTHING!!! when it comes to sex, I tell him im not a virgin and I’ve dun it before and he believes me. There were times when we was so close to having sex but in the back of my mind, im scared cus im still a virgin and he doesn’t noe that. I can’t tell him im still a virgin cus after 2 years of tellin him lies and stories I made up about my sex life, I dont even noe what to…

What should I do??? Should I let him think im not a virgin or should I tell him im still one???

and don’t tell me “o, he’ll understand, juss tell him”…im not buying that..lol

plzzz help meee!!!

Answer #1

Well, he’ll probably find out when you guys have sex I.e. your cherry might pop, it might hurt the first time…and if he doesn’t know beforehand he might hurt you unintentionally.

Also I’d say your technically not a virgin because you have allready had oral sex and you are not naive/innocent…so you aren’t EXACTLY lying to him.

But you’ll need to tell him, rather sooner than later…and tell him what you told us, you don’t consider yourself a virgin and that’s why you “lied”.

Oh and I don’t really think a guy will be pissed of when he finds out the girls he likes is virgin…just my thoughts

Answer #2

dont lie in the 1st place?

just tell him as relationship cant be built on lies what just doesnt work.

if you cant tell him the truth then you odviously dont talk about everything

Answer #3

well a lot of people have different ideas on what means losing your virginity. I mean if you feel like having oral sex means losing your virginity tel him that. but I mean be honest with him and atleast tell him what you have and havent done.

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