How do i get or where do i go to get adoption papers for a child?

Well there is this really big issue that's going on in my family about my daughter. My mother thinks I don't have the right to take my own daughter somewhere with me and that my husband doesn't have the right to see her for certain reasons. But there is no legal document saying that our rights have been taken when it comes to my daughter. I am so tired of listening to my mother complain and treating me like I'm just some babysitter and not her mother. My mother is always saying things to me that are hurtful and it keeps me stressed out and depressed. So I have decided to let someone else in the family have her. So where would I go to get papers on permanent custody of a child?

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First of all, she is your daughter why on earth are you allowing your mother to interfere with your personal issues regarding your daughter? Stop allowing your mother to call the shots making you depressed & stressed out acting like as if she is her daughter, not yours while you sitting from the guidelines, and being treated as if you are the babysitter!!! Grandparents need to sit back & enjoy the kids not try to over step their boundaries!!! (Between you & me, she might be right on one level though)
Second of all, I am kind of lost here are you separated from your husband or filling for a divorce? because if you are not why on earth would you want to give custody to some other relative!? She is your daughter, dont stand for that, step up to the plate, take control of your situation, and take care of you daughter!!! No one will raise her as her mother can or will. Please remember that before you seek any counseling or handing her over to any relative!

***If the child has no legal guardian written on a contract or other legal document signed by a judge then you really need to consult a lawyer because you might not be able to take her out of your jurisdiction without the fathers consent (if in fact you are trying to do so & are temporary separated from him)But I dont really fully know the whole situation to advise you any better! My best advice to you, is to seek some sort of legal advice, perhaps a lawyer that does pro-bono work in your area so it doesnt cost much if at all... ASAP(as soon as possible) I just hope it doesnt get ugly because the only that will suffer from all of this is you her mother & her!!!

Good Luck with your final decision!

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I agree with ty adn xoxoprincessxoxo. Why are you letting her get to you!? That is responsiblity and you should not give up on your daughter just because your own mother doesn't confide in your displinary actions and care towards YOUR KID. Please reconsider the adoption. Ignore your mom, it's your life, and girl. NOT HERS!

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You realize that by giving up custody of your child, that would be it? You would have no choice about what happens to her? You seriously dont sound like an adult. If you dont like what your mother does, perhaps its time to move out of her house, and stop allowing YOUR child to see her.

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It sounds like your child is living with your Mother and she is raising her while you are elsewhere. If that is correct then your Mother should have a lot of say in where and when you take the child. Children need to have consistancy in their lives. They have schedules of when they eat, nap, do homework, and other things. You cannot just interupt those things. Although you are her Mother if you are not involved in the day to day raising of the child then you are a non-custodial parent and your wishes do not have to be followed no matter who has the child.

Ask yourself if the child is healthy and happy. Base any decisions you make on those factors. What is best for the child is not always what makes us feel good.

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Local courthouse or an adoption agency.

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