What do I do about my kids?

Ok also from my first question this guy knows I have 2 kids and all that. both 2 and 8. the oldest is from an old boyfriend when I was 16. now 25. And the youngest is my husbands. I need a man who is willing to take care of his family and stop taking advantage of me all the time.. He has made my bank account negative. He never starts my car. He doesnt let me sleep when I get home from work from 3rd shift. Its awful! I have to beg for him to take the garbage or dog out.! Im sooo unhappy!

Answer #1

you shouldnt do anything about your kids, you should do something about him. and LEAVE HIM. Give Him an Ultimatum … But if your concern is for your kids, you need to figure out , is he a good influence for them , if he is a good father…things of that sort

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