When making jiffy mix cornbread. what if I dont have milk?

I have the egg, the mix, but I dont have any milk :/

do I have to use milk? can water be a subsitute? or anything else be a subsitute?

Answer #1

I think that its okay to use water, but it might affect the outcome. Milk has some sugars and proteins that affect the overall taste and chemical reaction of what your baking.

What I’m basically saying is that milk can be substituted for water but it will affect how your baked good tastes.

You can also try plain yogurt as a substitute if you have it on hand.

Answer #2

I used water.. it tasted so bad lol. nottt sweet at all :/

Answer #3

ok its like, 8 oclock here and theres snow everywhere, and stores are closed. no milk, what else to use?

Answer #4

buy milk?

Answer #5

Oh:o I just read something saying you could use beer :O

Answer #6

You could use Yogurt? or water.

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