What's better for making hot choc in your opinion, water or milk?

Well the instructions on most hot chocolate powders say use hot water but I much prefer to use hot milk… Whats your opinion??

Ps. I know its a random question but I just made the nicest cup of hot choc ever lol and I made it with milk !


Answer #1

milk makes it too creamy… so water the only time I use milk is if I heat up choc milk…vanilla yogurt is good when you mix it in

Answer #2

It all depends on your personal preference. I happen to like it with water, but I have friends who will only make it with milk. Milk just makes it much richer and thicker and adds a slightly different flavor.

Answer #3

Wtf ? lol.. Xo:)

Answer #4

MILK ALL THE WAYY!… with some cinnimin, and whipcream and chocolate sprinkles! -megan

Answer #5


Answer #6

I make mine with water but then I add like 2 teaspoons of milk .. but then again I cant drink hot chocolate anymore

Answer #7

Milk totally!!! It makes it a lot more smooth and creamy!

Answer #8

milk!! all the way lol: )

Answer #9

milk for sure! :D

Answer #10

Ew.. milk for sure :)

Answer #11

deffenitely milk/…mmm

Answer #12

full fat milk…

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