What type of milk(whole,1%,2%) do you use when making cake icing?

I have been using 2% milk and my icing is very thin and I don’t know how to thicken the consistency then. Does is matter what type of milk you use or am I doing something else wrong? I use the same basic ingredients-powder sugar,butter,shortening,vanilla and milk. It is beginning to get very frustrating.

Answer #1

my sister is a cake decorator and every time she makes icing she uses whole. the thicker, the better .

Answer #2

whole milk, or heavy cream

Answer #3

it doesnt matter what kindov milk you use, if its to thin, just add more powder sugar till its the consistency you want,and if its to thick, add more milk.

Answer #4

Try omitting the shortening and use cream cheese and no milk or … 4 ounce Cream cheese 1/4 cup Butter 2 cups Sugar icing sugar 1 teaspoon Vanilla

Answer #5

The reason it is thin is probobly because you are adding too much milk. When your mixing it it might seem wayyy to thick but it is actually fine so just add less milk. :) Even if the recipe says to use more, if it is thin then it is proboly not right. :P

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