When is the best time to go 4 it??

Hi there, I am on a 35 to 36 day cycle but I used to be on a 28 day cycle but since hubby & I have started trying for baby my periods have been late every month, so they are now on a 35 to 36 day cycle,, & periods only last for 3/4 days, I last had my period on the 15th of this month & Hubby & I are wanting to concieve a girl, does anyone know when is the best time to go for it? thanks heaps!!

Answer #1

Eat lots of Diary if you want a girl and the cycle can last anything from

15 days to 36 days

so you are on the maximum

for example, im only 17 days.

Nothing to worry about, Yh, but.. Dairy for a girl!


Answer #2

welcome :)

Answer #3

Thanks heaps :-)

Answer #4

ok cool, ty so much :-) I didnt know about the dairy, someone told me fish???

but I’ll take your word for it x

Answer #5

well you want to aim for the middle of your cycle. that’s when most women ovulate. go to a store and buy and ovulation kit so you’ll know exactly when it’s right for YOU to try.

good luck :)

Answer #6

actually it’s the guy that determines the sex of the baby. you have the XX and he has the XY…so if a little why makes it to the egg, you’ll have a girl. if an X makes it to the egg, you’ve got a little boy. there’s nothing really you can do to have a girl…but you can try all of the tricks if you want. maybe it’ll work out how you want it. who knows!?!

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