What time is the best time to sleep?

I have a very inconsistent time pattern of sleeping. Sometimes it takes 36 - 48 hours before I feel sleepy. I can hardly sleep at 9 - 12 pm. Some people says it’s not good. I’m trying to but I always failed. Is there a specific time that I need my zzz’s?

Answer #1

you might have insomnia, a sleeping disorder, go and see what your doctor says

Answer #2

Well,every night your body should get at least 6 hours of sleep.Doctors say 8 is the best amount to perform your best,so depending on what time you wake in the morning,do the math,and youll find out when you should go to bed.Try going to bed an hour before that time,then youll have an extra hour to lay there and hopefully fall asleep faster.If your having trouble falling asleep,There are many ways to make yourself sleepy.Chamomile tea is known to make you feel tired,along with warm milk.Watching tv or reading before bed can also put you in a sleepy mood.Try to lay down and close your eyes,and concentrate on your breathing.I find this a great trick when I’m trying to sleep. Its not healthy to go days without sleeping,so id recommend trying to gte a good nights rest every night. if your sitll having trouble,Id ask your doctor about the next step and actions to take to fix your problem.

Answer #3

you can go see a doctor about it..

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