When is it ever good to stay in an affair with a married man?

I met and fell in love with a married man here in my small town over 2 years ago. I keep trying to end it because he says he simply can not hurt his wife who is very overweight and his kids they are in their 30’s but work with him in a family business. I know he fell in love too..but no matter how I try to just see hime secretly each week and answer his loving romantic emails..I always feel lonely and depressed. He travels all overthe world and its always the same pattern. a guy friend of mine said ..just stop..no explanation, no more tears, no more discussions just stop, hes ruining your life

Answer #1

A married man usually will NOT ever leave his wife when it comes to an affair. Also, a married man who has had an affair for two years and still hasnt left her for you, will never leave her for you. You will never have a true relationship, he wont be the one to watch tv with you when you are 80, or go to graduations with and cry together at how proud you are of the child graduating. You will not be the woman with the ring on her finger. I dont think thats the relationship you are going to be happy with in the long run. It wont amount to anything substancial in your life later on. You need to move on, if not for his families sake, then for yours. You are wasting a lot of time on a man who wont care about you when it really matters. Just leave him. It will be for the better in the long run. Tell him you cant do this to yourself or his family any longer, and you have to leave him. good luck

Answer #2

your friend is right but you know what? you are ruining this married guys life as well he has a wife with kids that he doesnt want to leave yet hes cheating on her and has to live with that guilt and shame if she ever found out, you cant imagine how hurt she would feel you not only wasting your time on soemone who cearly isnt going to be with you but your ruining him and his wifes relationship end it as your friend said, move on and find soemone whos not already in a committed relationship

Answer #3

really hes just wasting your time you can find a man who will support you and be by urside for the rest of your life he just seems to want a fling and isnt ttaking things serious forget about him and move on all he is doing is causing you damage and making you feel bad just break it off he isnt worth it trust me your not just hurting your self by being with him but your also hurting his family his kids and wife pretty much to him your just his “booty call”

Answer #4

I wouldn’t suggest that you stop with no explanation, but you should stop. You should talk to him, tell him that you don’t want to ruin his marriage, and then say that the relationship between you and him has to stop. Saying that you “fell in love” is a childish response to starting a relationship with a married man. A mature person would recognize that he is married and recognize that being married means that he is not available for you. It is an immature, teenage response to say, “Oh but I love him” as though that makes everything acceptable.

Break it off and get on with your own life. He has his relationship. Go find your own.

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