Having affair to a married man

Hi! Im single and having affair for 4 years to a married man..he was fix marriage and the girl was his relatives.I went back home before he get married last oct.2007 I’ve been away from him for 8 months.its because we love each other I went back in doha last june.2008 and we see each other often..before I didnt get jealous to his wife because I know im th one he loves most,but for the past few months I always got jealous and get hurt so I was planning to end up our relationship.I did before but it useless were stil together we cannot resist each other and we are so happy spending the time together..but now I decided to leave him and I will send anonymous letter to her wife saying that her husband have affair so he will confront him and maybe he will stay away from me and also I guess this is the way I can prove who really I am in his life..I dont wanna loss him,his my family,my bestfriend and the man I love most..or should I enjoy and be cool being with him and feel and show him how much I love him so whatever happened in the future at least we had good memories? Please please give me advice I was really depressed now a days..hoping for your advice.thank you

Answer #1

Sorry it’s just fcked.He’s married.If he wanted to be with you,He would of left his wife.But he didn’t.Get it in your head.It’s just not right.

Answer #2

I had an affair with a married guy for three years. I hope that my advice can help someone reading who is confused about taking that step. It is something that changes you forever, you feel like you wont be that woman who is not in control, the one that will change him. First of all no one needs to be changed in this world, we are who we are. A feeling of passion, of escape on the part of the guy you are having the affair with, is not love. It is merely a time away from the stress that marriage sometimes places on people. Some people deal with it better or others feel the need to berate the woman they promised to respect, only to excuse what they are doing as a rightful act on their part. I must say that 99% of the time the wife, the only victim in this, is unaware that such a serious problem exists in the relationship. A married man will go out of his way to satisfy her so that this secret life never reaches her ears. Why do we choose a married guy? well simply because it’s a form of low esteem for most of us, a void that hasn’t been filled and because a guy we believe to be honest considers leaving his commitment for us, makes us believe that he really does have feelings. Why else would he? well the simple answer to that is that most man have no love for themselves, they feel alone, this loneliness leaves voids in them and therefore having many women in their lives makes the void dissapear. But for those young girls and even older woman consider this, do you deserve that, does he deserve you and why would you want to limit yourself to a couple of minutes or hours a week. You are and will always be a last on the list, if you are even on it. Long for a man that can give you everything, because there is no trust in something that begins with a lie. I hope that yo can see writer that you made the right choice. Believe me when I tell you that you did not hurt his feelings, right now a man with his situation is the rebound and if he didn’t get this with you; he will find it with someone else who is willing to listen and jump into the trap. We are all adults and no one forces us to stay in a situation that makes us unhappy. Adult is the key, man who can’t make a choice are nothing but children in a man’s body. I chose to end my affair when I realized that I was with a person that knows nothing but lies. I was on time, he took three years of my life with lies and deceitful promises. I broke away from that addiction, not love, but an awful addiction that had me as a prisoner. I am free now and even though my heart still aches and I am hurt by his actions, my life is mine and it doesn’t belong to him anymore. That is peace and the freedom that I gave up for a man who didn’t love himself or his family.

Answer #3

I’m sorry to say this but you will always be the “other woman” You really deserve better and deserve a man whom will only love you. You need to try and think that if you are with this man, there is a huge possibility that he will have an affair with another woman on you. Once a cheater always a cheater! You just going to end up getting hurt all the time, he is using you and emotionally blackmailing you. You need to cut ties with him and seek a honest man who will love you unconditionally and love only you. All the best.

Answer #4

Sounds like some Steve Mcnair stuff to me no affense just saying… It is never good to mess with a married man unless you see him issuing the divorce papers to his wife and you are there… But leave him along before you wind up getting hurt or doing something bad because it could lead to that.

Answer #5

dude I dont even get what the hell your talking about… it sounds like your saying he married a family member and hes related to you… weird.

Answer #6

If he really loved you, he would have left his wife a long time ago. If you wanna be with him, you might wanna have a talk with him like a -Her or me- kind of deal.

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