Married Man having affair

Iam a married man and I was having an affair with a young girl. We have been in contact for a long time. Then our friendship has broken for a year. Unfortunately I called her and ask the reason few months back. Then we have start sending messages again and it went well for few weeks and even she has done promise that she will call me once she start going college. From past four months iam waiting her call, atlast I came to know that she is having some personal problems at home. So what should I think wether she is interested with me or not. I have been sending messages to her daily from two months, but she is not giving the response. IF she is not intersted then she has to tell directly, but I dont know why she is hiding.

Can any one please suggest what I have to do? Should I put any hope for this friendship.

Answer #1

first you are a MARRIED man. you shudnt b havin an affair. if your wife is not satisfying your needs then maybe you should tlk 2 her. but leave this yung girl alone. she has a life to live. and she already has problems and she doesnt need anymore. you need 2 tell your wife wats going on. if she divorces you I don’t blame her. because marriage is a sacred thing. then if you wanna b wit someone else and not your wife then maybe you should tell her you want a divorce.

Answer #2

YOU called her, YOU have been sending messages, YOU are waiting. What is wrong with this picture? She is not responding or answering. This means she is not interested. When and if she feels the need to talk to you, she knows how to contact you. If she isn’t contacting you then it is because she does not want to. If you have any respect or love for her, you must stop sending her messages and stop trying to talk to her. Sending her messages daily is harassment and it is not romantic or attractive. It is overbearing and suffocating. The fact that she isn’t answering you should be a direct enough answer to your question.

Answer #3

You are a married man! Did it ever occur to you that maybe she doesn’t want to date a married man anymore? She’s a young woman who wants a relationship with a future and a man that loves only her. She’s avoiding you because she doesn’t know how to tell you that or she’s just not interested anymore. If you care about this girl, let her go find happiness.

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