When I take my road test, will I fail if my blinkers dont work?

if my blinkers fail to work when I take my road test, will I fail? I mean, sometimes they work, but sometimes they dont

Answer #1

ohhh ok. thanks for helping me out guys

Answer #2

This is in the Tennessee driver’s manual:

All safety equipment must work (horns, lights, seat belts, brakes, signals and windshield wipers). The vehicle registration must also be current. Bring a vehicle that you are familiar with driving.

Answer #3

well I’ve read the tennessee government’s website and it only mentions brake lights, headlights, and mufflers needing to work properly, but I don’t know if your blinkers are part of your headlights or not

Answer #4

LoL I doubt you will fail but he will have you test them beforehand. If they do not work he/she might let you do the whole arm out of the window thing or just cancel it altogether!

Answer #5

This is from the Tennessee government’s website on taking your road test:

The vehicle used in the road test must be clean and in good working condition with valid vehicle registration and license plates. If the vehicle is not of the right Class or fails to meet these conditions it will result in the applicant being failed for vehicle condition and the road test will need to be rescheduled.


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