Do you have to take drivers ed to take permit test?

hello I live in Colorado Springs Colorado, I’m 15 turning 16 on April 22 and I was curious if you HAVE to take drivers ed in order to take your permit test. and eventually get your licence? I know almost everything about driving from my parents

Answer #1

but isnt it different in every state?

Answer #2

in my state you dont have to take drivers ed to get your licence just the test but the down side is that if you dont take drivers ed your Insurance go’s up

Answer #3

I assume it is, I believe that in some states that don’t make it mandatory at least give benefits from it. Call your local DMV and ask them too see. I should advise you too take it though its very helpful, even if you have prior knowledge. About that whole thing, its mandatory where I live I made this odd assumption that you live around me. No worries though :)

Answer #4

You have to take one, you don’t have a choice. Would it make sense to you to get a diploma with out actually studying for it? Whether or not you have background knowledge on how to drive you are obligated to take it.

Oh sorry if this came out a little mean :)

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