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A funny test to see if you are in touch with your inner child!!

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try 2 answer this test to see how much you are in touch w/ your inner child:

how do you put a giraffe in a fridge?

Answer: open da fridge and put it in close da door.

how do you put an elephant in a fridge?

Answer: open da door, take out the giraffe and put in da elephant and close da door.

da lion king is holding a meeting and all da animals are there except one. which one?

answer: the elephant!! caz hes still in da fridge!! okay, you have one more chance, dont blow it!!

you have 2 get across a river that is home to crocodiles, ders no boat and no bridge and no trees. how do you get across?

Answer: simple, you swim across. dont you remember? da crocadiles are at da lion king's meeting!!

they did this test on 100 harvard law students, only 1 person got it right. but they did this test on 100 kindergarteners, and 97 of them got the answer correct!! did you?