when I pray to god when im on toilet or smoking will he be cross?

ipray to god constantly in the name of jesus christ throughout the day and thak him for all my blessings especially my family and friends and essential human blessings like my home my car,electric,gas,food,drink,money etc but I also find myself praying to him while im on the toilet or while im having a ciggarette as I feel more at peace at these times!! will he be cross with me for doing this or think im disrespecting him please? bizzarre question I know but answers/advice wud be gratefully appreciated please.no timewasters please this is a serious question!! thanks in advance and god bless you all. Shemmy27 xxx

Answer #1

God is with us all the time and made us the way we are! Don’t be embarrassed and do’t apologise! God is with you in all you do, if that’s where you feel most at peace, spiritual and able to talk to God then go for it! Don’t let people tell you what’s the right and wrong thing to do, if it’s right for you and it’s not forbidden by God’s Laws then it’s fine I’m sure.

Besides, going to the toilet is a natural bodily function that God created, why be ashamed. Saying you shouldn’t, or that you should ask forgiveness is like saying its a sinful act!!!

Answer #2

humble advice DONT SMOKE The human body is a holy creation of God, and a living temple to the Holy Spirit. For this reason, we should treat our bodies–and others’–with the respect they are due.

“Body” and “temple” in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 The ultimate argument against harming ourselves or others comes down to the Christian teaching that our bodies are spiritual temples to God, precious to Him. Damage done to our bodies is damage done to God’s temple.

Answer #3

no, honestly I pray sincerely, its the only place I seem to get peace and wuite to meditate/pray!! thank you so much your answers every1 and your reassurance. shemmy27 x

Answer #4

Shemmy27 God mad because you prayed on the toilet?! Of course not friend!! The good news is no matter what you do in this life, God will always love and want you closer to him. Heck, I’m a christian and I find myself praying and muttering on the toilet all the time. Now wether you were sincerely praying or trying to mock prayers is a different thing but as far as asking for JC on the John, I think he would laugh too. (Yes this is serious but even if God did get mad, just ask for him to forgive you. He will still love and still want to be with you. Remember the bible friend, for jesus said I am with you always.)

Answer #5


This is the problem with many people not only you. When you don’t understand something you at once judge it to be rubbish. The fact is not that the analogy is rubbish but that you simply do not possess the understanding. To make it clearer to God we are all like babies. So just as we don’t have any problems with being with our babies in the toilet God does not have any problem with us. I hope you get it this time.

Answer #6

You pray to him all the time? That is really quite sad. I strongly advise you get a life or something. @ Eternallife, we are not “babies” and that was a rubbish analogy. Have a nice day.

Answer #7

Yes I do “get it”, and I still think that it is a RUBBISH analogy.

Answer #8

I guess a simple question, would you talk to someone dear to you on the toliet???

Depends on who it is. I talk to my 5 year old when she is in the toilet. Sometimes I help her with that. Remember we are babies in front of God. We don’t mind being in the toilet with our babies do we? Because at that we are not on the potty but our babies.

Answer #9

uh… I guess a simple question, would you talk to someone dear to you on the toliet??? Hey, we’re all different, everyone is different, I don’t think he’ld care as long as you’re sincere. If it feels right to you, then who is anyone else to tell you otherwise.

Answer #10

I dont think God cares too much about these things… just sustain from cracking jokes about ‘baptizing’ anything.

Answer #11

Some people are real time wasters even though they were specifically told not to answer.

Well to answer your question, praying on the loo is nothing wrong. But you must consider smoking. Smoking, drinking, drugs, fornication etc. pollute our body. Our body is the temple of God remember?

Answer #12

Cute question…I’m sure God does not mind where and how you pray to Him. :) Personally, I would rather not pray to the Lord whilst sitting on the throne (toilet) and be doing a number 2 and chatting away to the Him…I would be feeling quite crappy to be honest.. ;)

LOL, filletospam, I think everyone’s guility of that, including yours truly :P.

Answer #13

effyouseek…etc, why waste your precious time commenting on something that doesnt interest you? if your not religious, try not commenting on uhm, religious questions. ill pray for you! anyway, I’ve actually wondered this myself lol because when I think of something to pray for I have to do it right away as opposed to making a mental note because im very forgetful. but when your praying, if its sincere it doesnt matter what your doing, its just you talking to God and your surroundings are so small and insignificant compared to Him and prayer. so I think your fine lol God bless!

Answer #14

If there is a God hopefully (s)he has a sense of humor.

Best I can tell most prayer actually occurs when people are copulating. That is the time they are most likely to utter “Oh my God!”

Answer #15

here here clawjaw! thanks for your answer.

thanx sexylilme.xxx

thanks advice seeker.xx

Answer #16

No I wouldn’t think so… it doesn’t matter where you are I think god will appreciate that you have taken the time to talk to him no matter where you are or what your doing… Xo:)

Answer #17

That is a really good question, I personally dont think God would be to mad as long as it’s not all the time .I admit I have prayed well in the ladies room when times got really tough ,and I have never felt like God was annoyed with me. Its healthy for a person to pray to their God/Goddess its just human nature.

Answer #18

Well, he knows what your thinking. So if you do it in disrespect he will be pretty upset but if you mean it in a good way then I wouldn’t think he would but I don’t know what he thinks so in my humble opinion I wouldn’t take the risk.

Answer #19

okay, thanx for your answers, yes I do it in a good way and always apologize to him before I pray regading the circumstances im praying under. xxx

Answer #20

dont say things like that mate… some people do belive in god so show some respect!

Answer #21

well here’s the easy fix. god’s not real ? so it doesn’t matter

Answer #22

I dont think he’ll be cross but youll be meeting him a lot sooner if you carry on smoking :)

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