When getting birth control, do you absolutely have to get an exam?

I don’t want to get it but my dad is making me. I don’t feel comfortable with getting examined at all, by man or woman.

Answer #1

Well if your havin sex you shoul be mature enough ta get examined. its so important for you to get that done even if you arent havin sex .how do you think people find out they have cirvical cancer?they go 4 there exams and the 0nes who don’t usuali did. and yes thats thd only way you will be able to get thd birth cntrl. your reg doc can prescribe it too but they will most likely want to refer you to a gynocologist before they give it to you.

Answer #2

no. they only exam you really to make you dont have vagina cancer or something. my sister never got examined because she talked to the doctor and told him she didnt feel comfortable. maybe your doctor will understand as well and let you pass on the exam. just try it out and see when he says.

Answer #3

I’m not a 100% on this. But I’ve been prescribed birth control before without an exam. They would advise you get an exam, but I dont think they’ll refuse to give you the birth control without one.

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