Do you get an exam to be put on birth control?

Does anyone know what the doctor visit would be like if I was going to go to be prescribed birthcontrol ? Do they do a down there exam ?

Answer #1

Most doctors will require a pap smear for your own safety. They will also ask about health history like smoking, clots, cancer, diabetes, ect. The physical exam is NOT painful and very quick. I know you may be a little nervous but you’ll see it’s really no big deal. If you are 18, you need to start yearly paps anyway. They check for cervical cancer and cysts. Relax you will be fine.

Answer #2

Well most times they won’t go down there! They just need to make sure you are not already preginant and don’t have any underying heart problems, clots, dysrythmia, ECT… And than just have a parents OK if under 18. The BIGGIE is no smoking! Ever!!! I’ve had young 26 yr girl have a stroke dew to being on birth control and a active smoker.

Answer #3

All the doctors I’ve been to do require a pap smear. It’s uncomfortable but not really painful. Some doctors will also do blood work to check for other problems. My doctor does the pap but not the blood work - I have needlephobia.

Find a doctor or health care professional who will work to make you most comfortable.

Answer #4

pap smears suck like hell -_- do try to find one the don’t do that

Answer #5

umm depends what country you live in I guess.

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