What changes do you think Obama should bring in USA?

Answer #1

bring our troops home; they’ve been over there long enough. get us out of this economic mess-too many honest-working people are losing their jobs legalize gay marriage-they deserve the same rights as straight people, so why is the government being so ignorant about it?

Answer #2

Bring our troops home Decriminalize small amounts of marijuana Better gun control Legalizing Gay Marriage (although I doubt it will happen any time soon)

and last but not least - hopefully get us out of the all the crap Bush put us through. Although, change takes time and it’s not going to be fast or easy.

Answer #3

Stricter laws in America. America is TOO Free. We think we can do anything we want and it’s leading us to killing others.

Answer #4

I agree with ashleykp1818 and beth liveyourlife

Answer #5

Positive changes in the best interests of America and it’s values.

Answer #6

Yeah look at that these people voted for Obama and they have NO idea what he stands for. Hope and Change is all they know.

Answer #7

I don’t know but let us all hope that he can fix this mess bush has gotten us in. if not the usa is going to go into a depression worse then the 1st one.

Answer #8

I dont think obama should be pres. and I dont see how america is too free. its def not. there could be so many more things that they could let us do. so I dont know where the hell you get off on sayin that yumiyukai

plus I dont evenn carreee. I HATE our government its corrupt. imagine if like washington or whoever came back and saw what theyve done to everyone. theres so many loop holes with everything. I say stick to the orginal constitution and laws and we’d be fine.. everything everyone has done has messed america up for good.

&& the pres isnt the one making a lot of his decisions..think of all the advisers he has..

Answer #9

take troops of of afganistan

Answer #10

I wish that all of these democrat ideas would fade. They are Nazis are what they are, “oh, gun control and fir the good of me and not you” go to hell everybody who doesent want me to hunt. I have a naturl given right to own a gun and it is the second amendment that protects that right. I feel very strong on this point. Remember: guns don’t kill people, it’s the f@ckers nutjobs that grab them and kill people with them.and not all people are nuts! Ya know what? FTW if they want to take my gun, I defend that as much as I will. Suck my trigger. And this is for all you vegetarians. Vegetarian: old Indian word for poor hunter. Ya I went there. And guess what? I don’t give a sh!t! Without hunting we wouldn’t be here right now. Without guns we would not have been able to defeat the Indians. We would not exist. United states of America is a melting pot so screw that. We would be In Europe still. Not born. If you feel like you don’t belong don’t kill yourself, just go back to Europe. Wait no you can’t because the are nuts there and will treat you poorly there. Oh, what does that remind me of? NATIVE AMERICANS! LOL ok so FU(K OFF YOU ANTI GUn ACTIVISTs they are the reason you exist

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