Whats your secret to loosing quick weight?

I have been trying to loose weight since last year. im not seeing improvements. I really need good advice. if you have a secret to loosing weight, can you share it with me?

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thank you so much!!! almost everyone here helped me!!! I feel more confident now that I know there are ways!!! thank you!!! : )

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burn more calories that what you intake
in foods
for example
if your body burns 2000 calories a day and you consume 1500 calories of food then you will lose 1 pound a week and maintain it off

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eat 10 calories for every pound you want to weigh. if you want to weigh 120lbs eat 1200 calories a day. keeping track of how much calories you consume is always a good start.

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jackie,just turn the other cheek,this diet is really about will power,take me serious now I lost more than 15. pount jsut by saying no thank you at diiner when they ask if you would lule a soda and by saying no to just food when you are noy hungry , now I must advise you bedore everyone jumps on my back, its not healthy to not eat even tho you arnt hungry.But by not eating so much when you eat and cutting back as I said eat only whennur hungry and eat it sliw! ober 2 weeks time your atomach will start to srinks,now I say 2 weeks when your doing minor work outs if you do not do seriously just. minor work outs it may take months,a minor work out is about. 10. crunches when you go to bed or even in the morning or just both,amd slowl slowly progree,well for more information funmail me :) I hope your interested

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Well, I have to say that the obvious answer is to burn more calories than you consume each day.
Eat lean sorts of meats.
Less sugar. (Just empty calories)
Some sort of regular exercise. (This is what I need to work on, personally.)
The best advice I've come accross is to eat smaller portions. At meals, try just reducing what you normally eat by half. If you are still hungry between meals, make sure to eat low-fat dairy or fruits and vegetables for snacks.
Good luck. I know it's hard. :)

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There ARE no secrets to losing ''quick weight'' ...weight is lost gradually... unless you want to hack off a limb...

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