What's wrong with my body?

for a few weeks know I have been vomiting off and on nausea tired more often but I get a lot of sleep missed period if this counts sore /tender breast headaches almost everyday constipation(it comes an goes) sometimes it feels like im about to pass out heart burn and acid reflux I really dont know whats going on I have never esprience this befor im scared it might be somethimg wrong with me if any anwsers please help to have a understand

Answer #1

hey go to the doctor I don’t want to scare you but you might be pregenent it depends it could be a lot of things see a doctor good luck;);)

Answer #2

your pregnant

Answer #3

well it could be becouse you are pregnant I would go to a doctor to find out

Answer #4

Hope your ready to hear babies crying.

Answer #5

hey. did you have sex. if you did then you might b pregnant. go c your doctor and knw abt sex

Answer #6

your going to have a baby

Answer #7

why is it that I am all ways in an on and off mode I dont eat any only drink water and always brake down and cry everynight after I done something good for my self.

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