there is something wrong with my body...

I have this thing in my chin, I just realized it about ten minutes ago. its like just past my my chin like towards my neck. when I press against it, it feels like it can move, but its attached to something. I dont know what it is and im starting to feel very uneasy. does anyone have any ideas or knowledge concerning this? I don’t know it might be a lump or something

Answer #1

I just had thyroid cancer and it sucked but the doctor said if I waited any longer to get it checked out it would of gotten worse. so I would see if you could get it checked out sooner!!!

Answer #2

that might be cancer or a tumer! get it checked out! it can be seriuos and it could spread if it is a tumer or cancer! GET IT CHECKED OUT SOON!

Answer #3

sh!t. well im going to the doctor in november, ill get it checked out. that and a few other things. think it could get real bad in a week or two?

Answer #4

on the positive side if it is a 2-3 inchs wide its just your trachea

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