what my be wrong with my body

For the past five month I been haven heavey bleeding with my period, with bad back pain that I had when I was pregnant with my second child. My breast with hurt and swell for almost the must of the month. Every moring and some evening I fell I nausea. Could I be pregnant are something easle could be going wrong?

Answer #1

you definitly need to go to the doctor and you might be going threw a bad bad bad period or you have an envection contact me

Answer #2

Even if you were pregnant at one point the fetus could not survive the heavy bleeding, so that is not a concern.

YOU may not be tolerating the heavy bleeding, and may be anemic, causing most of your symptoms.

Hormone changes that occur with your menstrual cycle can mimic some of the signs of pregnancy, and with the increase in bleeding, the symptoms may increase too.

Trouble with uterine fibroids, ovaries, or hormone changes, can cause your symptoms. They may be just part of getting older, or they may signal a problem that needs to be taken care of. There is no way to know which it is without an exam by your doctor. Even if you choose not to have the exam part it would be wise to get blood drawn to check for anemia, you may be losing blood every month too fast for your body to replace it.

In the meantime, ibuprofen for pain, and iron to maintain your blood level would help. Eat lots of green vegetables. Orange juice also helps your body absorb the iron you need. But see your doctor.

Answer #3

yes you could be pregnat

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