what is wrong with my body?

so I had my period when I was twelve and its always been kinda eratic and I didnt think anything of it but a couple years it started getting really light. I had it really light then I skipped 3 months then I had it really light then I skipped like 4 months then I had it but it was really light for about 2 weeks (in a row) then it got really heavy for a week then it was gone now I have been on it really light for a month and it just started getting really heavy! I mean REALLY heavy! and my emotions are really crazy! I feel like crying a minute then im really happy and all sorta stuff. abd dont say go to the doctor cause I cant and I never have…dont even ask!

Answer #1

So what exactly are you going to do with the hypotheses we come up with? Alright I hypothesise that perhaps your hormones are a little out of whack. However, it really doesnt matter what we come up with, we cannot magically cure you. You need to see a doctor.

Answer #2

Why don’t you want to go to the doctor?

Irregular periods certainly aren’t that strange and a lot of women never regulate, however if the bleeding differs that much from period to period you’ll have to see a doctor. There might be something seriously wrong and you’ll have to get it checked out. Don’t mess with your reproductive system.

Answer #3

well to a degree this is normal, but if it is upsetting you then the doctor is the way to go. sorry but it is.

but this dosent sound too un-normal lol, everyone goes through erratic periods for like 3 years sometimes even. and when it was really light- were you eating enough or did you loose heaps of weight because that can make it go lighter.

this is probably just your body regulating itself. but honestly- its better to be safe than sorry!

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