Would you be able to tell the difference between a diet Coke and flat Coke?

i wouldn’t and i tested it on my uncle he couldn’t either tell the diff but we both don’t drink sodas alot. So what do u guys think would u be ab;e to tell the difference???

Answer #1

yes, diet coke would still be fizzing and flat coke wouldn’t, i’d imagine the taste would similar but not exact

Answer #2

oh thanks i can’t tell the diff lol

Answer #3

I would. Even a diet coke has carbonated water in it. If your tasting a diet coke and a flat coke - the diet coke is clearly the one that still has carbonated water in it and feels “bubbly” when you drink it. Plus, they have two completely different flavors to me….i love coke, i’ll even drink a flat one. I won’t touch a diet coke though, they are disgusting.

Answer #4

Yes because I almost never drink any cooldrink I immediately pick up the differences between them.

Answer #5

Yes, I taste a difference between bottled normal coke, tin-canned normal coke and tap-machine normal coke (in restaurants).

I also taste the difference between the three varieties of diet coke. (Bottle, tin can and tap-machine). But I don’t like either.

I can’t tell the decaffeinated from the other brands though.

Flat coke is disgusting whether it was diet or normal, regardless. Can’t drink it unless its so cold that it numbs the gustative nerves.

Answer #6

Hell yes, diet coke tastes like it’s missing something… it’s just not the same as normal coke, even when normal coke has gone flat. I don’t drink sugary drinks and even I can tell the diff.

Answer #7

i completely agree also i only drink coke flat because when its not it gives me hiccups everytime and i like the taste so its a win lol

Answer #8

nope being that i don’t like coke.. i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference :0

Answer #9

main difference is that in diet coke you don’t have calories/ fats but where as in a normal coke you have that this is the main reason that diet coke is a bit less tasty than normal coke

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