Why do we generally dismiss the beliefs of ancient societies

Why do we generally dismiss the beliefs of ancient societies (primitive or tribal) while we hold on to the bible’s teachings? Isn’t the bible essentially the same thing?

Answer #1

Well, only Christians do that. Others - myself included - think both are equal loads of nonsense.

Answer #2

The difference is, the Bible is the Inspired and infallable word of God.

Answer #3

Because over all of these years the integrety of the bible has not been compromised by the findings of man.

Answer #4


years from now when we start believing in chuck norris as our god people will be saying the same about the bible

Answer #5

Christians would say it’s because, according to the Bible, God/Jesus declared himself/themselves the one true god. They tend to ignore the fact that every religion before and since has had a deity or deities say the same thing, but it seems to make them happy, so let’s not make too big a fuss over it.

Answer #6

Since there is no-one around to defend those religions, we all feel comfortable admitting they are nonsense.

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