Are Religious Beliefs Real or Fake?

Do you actually believe that religions are real or fake, because people really have no proof of what they believe in, they just heard about it, do you really actually believe in false hopes such as any religion. I believe that it’s useless to believe in religion and a waste of time. If so why do people do waste their time in believing in something that isn’t real? It doesn’t really help you, it’s state of mind.

Answer #1

quite obviously religions are a product of the human imagination and of course are mythology.

I often see the claim on here that religious beliefs cannot be proven or disproven- alrighty then

doesn’t mean we throw out all reason and come to that ignorant conclusion.

Answer #2

It’s all in a matter of opinion. Some people might think it’s real as there has to be someone or something more powerful than us on earth then other think that religion is just an excuse to spread hate speech and that we are all equal. But when someone says the believe in something they think it’s real so it’s real? I’m not religous at all.

Answer #3

RELIGION I A MERE STORY CREATED AND PASSD DOWN IN GENERATIONS.It does help people in respect to right or wrong,create communities and unity.however it false,take for example stigmata the wounds of christ,Every person who claimed stigmata are fake self inflicted.The bible is contraictions.religion maybe helps bind groups of people togther and creates a mental state of mind.The truth is when we die thats it.heaven is a word and if your looking for heaven its around you th thngs you love and enjoy doing.Hell also surrounds us thats the people who act wrongly making others peoples life difficult.all I can say is we are here now try find happiness and peace without hurting another

Answer #4

Religion is a big part of peoples lives and it is part of what makes them who they are.

“Not of all people.”

Sorry, thats what I meant to say.

Answer #5

there is in fact one religion destinctly different from all other religions that has concrete logical proof of its claims (hint its the oldest monothiestic religion still around that all other major religions are based on) the proof lies in the fact that they have a national memory of g-d reveiling himself to 3 milloin pepole and telling them his laws this is impossble to make up and that is why no other religion ever made such a cliam

Answer #6

No real empirical proof is available but religion faith requires a leap of faith. It is about belief, not about ‘real or fake.’ A lot more complex than that.

Answer #7

Some people think it’s fake, some people think it’s real…

Answer #8

It’s what you make of it.

Answer #9

Yeah, but you guys can’t really say that’s true, you can’t really believe that religion can tell you what’s right and what’s wrong, you should already know that by common sense, you have to find it yourself, why do you need a religion to make you happy or tell you morals, aren’t you smart enough to understand that without a religion. You can be happy without a religion, and still believe in God, and still have all those characters in your personality, so why do waste your time believing in that, Just be freee… without any “religious person telling you what to do” Yeah you guys make all good points, but you do not not need religion to be a big part of your life and still have morals, and to make you happy, to tell what to do is right, it’s already a part of you, unless somebody influences you, you listen to them?

Answer #10

the belief is all to real the religions? well…

Answer #11

Religion is a big part of peoples lives and it is part of what makes them who they are.

Not of all people.

Answer #12

A lot hinges on your definition of terms. You could say that God’s existance is subjectively true to those who believe. When you claim that it is objectively true it gets more difficult.

Religion is a mirror. In it we see our hopes, needs, desires, and fears. The more we understand about religion the more we understand what it means to be human. The true parts of religion are the things it teaches us about our ownselves. People who believe the myths and allegory of religion to be literally true generally miss the symbolic meanings of the stories.

Answer #13

ok some people think its real so its not a waste of time to them your so stupid I dont but my friends do

Answer #14

I guess the only way to really find out the answer, is to wait after death, to see what really happens to us in the afterlife. We don’t really know for sure, but we just gotta wait.

Answer #15

I believe in enlightenment and rebirth, but I know that Buddha existed because he was a man - a real man, and there is proof of that.

Answer #16

Some people think it’s fake, some people think it’s real…

Yeah… and NOBODY can prove EITHER…

Your question in itself is a contradiction. Beliefs CANNOT be real or fake, they can only be BELIEVED.

Answer #17

Well, of course no religion is “the one true religion”, they are all products of humans. As to why people follow them, well, it starts off as social pressure to join the group. After a while of being in the group, the conditioning builds up until people really believe it.

Most new converts don’t even know what the religion teaches, they simply experience an emotional high and want to be part of it.

Answer #18

Somebody please help me with this…

Answer #19

have any proof that it’s real…

Answer #20

Common sense? Who decides what common sense is? Morality is such a subjective thing. Is killing wrong? When is it wrong? Is it ok to kill animals for food? Is having sex with a child wrong? When does that child become an adult so it is ok? In some countries, there are child brides. Is stealing wrong? What about if you’re starving? Is marrying your first cousin wrong? It happens in many parts of the world. Is having slaves wrong? People have had slaves for millennia. It is only in the past few decades that it has changed. So no, morality is not an objective thing, when everyone knows what is right and wrong. I do not believe religion is necessary to teach us morality, but do not dismiss morality as a light subject that anyone can figure out.

As for your rant on religion. Yes people can be happy without religion. I am one of them. But religion gives people a sense of purpose, direction and community spirit. And unfortunately no amount of spirituality can connect you to other people. Religion gives people something they need. If you dont like it, well that’s your choice. But why not allow other people to enjoy what they have?

Answer #21

I don’t believe that religion is a waste of time. Religion is a big part of peoples lives and it is part of what makes them who they are.

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