Whats the best thing to do when you feel panic rising and you want to stop it?

Answer #1

Do something calming, and try not to think about whatever is causing you to feel panicked.

Read a book or magazine, listen to some calming or happy music, write in a journal/diary, sit down and eat a yummy snack, call a friend and talk, etc…

Answer #2

I would have to say, go to the gym.

Answer #3

Close your eyes, take deep long medative breaths through your nose, count to five, release through your mouth. Repeat until you start feeling better.

Answer #4

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and think of something to calm you. The deep breathing thing really works for me, :)

Answer #5

relax.. take your hand in a fist and and put it on your mouth where you can hear air and breath through your fist it is very relaxing.. or atleast for my mom she has panic attacks

Answer #6

I agree =)

Answer #7

Deep breathing works, relaxation exercises, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation etc. Here’s the thing. Think of these things as exercises. When does an exercise work best? When you are at your strongest. You are going to have to practice these, or when you panic, it’s not going to work. Spend 20 minutes a day doing whatever you like best. Look up relaxation exercises on youtube. Pick whatever you like best. I personally like visualization. You close your eyes, you pick a place of peace and calm, a memory works best but you can make something up, and then you do the five senses (what can you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste). You pair this with deep breathing. Put one hand on chest, one hand on stomach. Breathe in, chest goes up. Breathe out, stomach should go completely out. That’s what I personally like. There’s a lot of different things and it is a personal preference. Some people like to chant words. Some people like to learn to relax their muscles. Some people like the mindfulness way of meditation. It’s just up to you. But the important thing is to practice or it will not work when you most need it.

Answer #8

Thanks!! :)

Answer #9

Get some fresh air. It calms the nerves instantly. If panic attack is too often and strong, you will need to consult a specialist. The doctor will precribe medicines that are specifically meant to reduce/prevent panic attack.

Answer #10

Look up EFT. It’s a technique that works super quick and can even permanently take away your panic or anxiety.

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