whats the best way to crack your back???

Answer #1

With the aid of a chiropractor.

Answer #2

so i probly shouldnt try and do it myself then?

Answer #3

Not recommended - no

Answer #4

i crack my back several ways haha i also crack my back(whether or not its healthy i do i need to). well one way is i go to my chiropractor. another way is i twist my upper body and only the upper body keeping you legs straight(standing up). another is sitting in the chair and turning your upper body. another way is laying down, lifting you hips and upper body with an elbow on the floor and the other hand on your back and twist. hope i helped haha

Answer #5

well i just sit in a chair grab the top things, and turn around as far as i can before it hurts, and do the same for the other. and im not hurt.

Answer #6

You’re not hurt…until later on in life when you start noticing problems with your back because you’re manipulating the vertebrae improperly. But hey - you’ll be the one who can’t walk, and that’s not my issue.

Answer #7

cracking your back is like cracking your knuckles theres no evidence that shows it does anything wrong. theres no scientific proof that shows any relation. if there is id love to read about it, but last time i checked theres nothing related.

Answer #8

Cracking your back is nothing like cracking your knuckles…you’re comparing joints of the fingers with vertebrae and the spinal column - there is a lot more damage that can be done to your back than anything you can do to your fingers. There is a safe way to crack your back (eg - using a chiropractor who is trained in spinal manipulation) and there is a wrong way to crack your back that results in damage and problems in later life.

Answer #9

thank you breakingfan :D

Answer #10

You do realize that the spine holds most of the nerve activity that the brain uses to send messages throughout your body? Now can you really and honestly compare knuckles to a nerve highway…?

Answer #11

i like how you think i dont know this. i know about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. yes i know what goes thru the vertebrae, i know the nerve branches goes thru intervertebral foramina, you know the wholes in each vertebrae that the spinal nerves pass thru. and yes i know once a nerve comes off the spinal cord it is then apart of the peripheral nervous system. also i know the spinal cord ends around L2(lumber vertebrae #2). i also know that “decisions” are made in the spinal cord and not all decisions come directly from the brain. i know many things about the human body plz dont try to lecture me on it. i bet none of you even know where the “cracking” comes from. wana know why i know that because scientists don’t even know where the noise comes from exactly. their explanation is “air is being released” which is completely false since theres no air in the body theres fluid everywhere in our body. and no studies have shown that anything bad comes from cracking your back nor knuckles. if there was a study done plz show me by all means.

Answer #12

@ Diana your welcome!

Answer #13

I like how you seem to think you know more than medical scientists do…you’re a real piece of work. Look up hypermobility - caused by cracking your joints, etc…and it may not seem like much, but it’s damn painful, and I know, because I have it. I honestly don’t give a damn what you do with your own body but I’m not about to allow you to sit here and give potentially harmful advice to someone on this site, so consider this your warning - stop trying to prove that this is acceptable.

Answer #14

I just go down in a back bridge an it cracks

Answer #15

where? where is the medical proof? where are the studies?! theres no evidence. nothing is caused my cracking joints theres no proof theres no evidence. i will believe it could cause harm if there are studies and tests to show but there isnt why? because theres no connection between cracking joints and joint problems. plain and simple

Answer #16

You want literature? Fine…seeing as you really have nothing better to do with your time than to try and prove everybody else wrong, super genius…hypermobility, caused by joint cracking… http://funadvice.com/r/3l2dvch2hh

Answer #17

i read that, and i like the human body i like learning different things about it. but that article said nothing that cracking causes anything. it says for people who have hypermobility to avoid cracking their joints. says nothing about causing it. plus hypermobility is something you are born with so no1 is cracking their joints at birth. im just saying i read it and nothing was said that cracking joints caused anything

Answer #18

Well, I wasn’t born with it and now I have it…3 different doctors have stated that it was from cracking joints…but, you know what? They’re all quacks - you’re the one who has all the medical schooling, education and experience, so you must be the one who knows better. Can you cure cancer too?

Answer #19

well what i do is use a total gym, or a ball

Answer #20

:o thats a burn. 1 point Colleen. 2 points breakingfan.

Answer #21

i just state facts i learn. and yes there have been tests and studies done to see if cracking joints leads to any kind of medical conditions. and not 1 test has given evidence to show cracking joints leads to any kind of medical condition. if you really have a problem from what i learn, which is from a professor at The Pennsylvania State University then you must be calling college professors idiots essentially. go ahead say i know everything idc if you do, i know i dont know a ton about the human body but what i do know i stand by and have the facts and knowledge to stand by. but seemly you know a ton more than me, you should be teaching the courses and all.

Answer #22

“you must be calling college professors idiots essentially.” Well, you must be calling 3 different doctor’s liars and idiots…just stop. Sheesh. You are just coming off as a stubborn know it all.

Answer #23

no im not trying to be, im standing for what i have learned and know. whats wrong with that. i learn this and remember things very well, so im saying what i learned in my anatomy and physiology classes.

Answer #24

Okay, but what about what those 3 different doctor’s know? Are the lying? Are they stupid?

Answer #25

sit on a small hard chair (or potty with lip down) twist yourself around, useing arms to pull that dose the trick

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