Whats the best way to get pregnant?

Whats the best way to get pregnant? been trying for 5yrs no luck

Answer #1

Have you gone to the doctor to get checked out? Have you bought one of the ovulation kits? Sometimes it’s just harder for some people to get pregnant. My sister in law tried for 3 years before she got pregnant. She went to the doctor and found out she had a tilted uterus and this was what was causing her difficulties in getting pregnant. A month after she was at the doctor she wound up pregnant. You really should go just to make sure everything is ok.

Good luck

Answer #2

get you and your partners fertility tested to see exactly how fertile you both are thinsg like having chlamidia and not getting it treated can make you infertile chlamidia also usually has no syptoms and people who abuse alcohol and drugs arnt very fertile either go tot he doctor and to see how fertile you both are

Answer #3

well I got pregnant on accident but here’s how I did it k so when you have sex your boyfriend cums right? Well when he does keep going for like 20 more min. At least. I hope I helped

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