whats 10th grade like...

im going into 10th grade, it is hard? I was told 11th is the hardest year and god I dont even wanna be in 10 bc I heard its hard 2!

what makes them hard?

Answer #1

don’t worry, if you haven’t had real trouble in the past most likely one grade won’t be much harder than the last. I think every grade pretty much reviews the last but adds a little more

Answer #2

I loved 10th grade…really its not hard, but you have to be seriouse now. your not a freshman anymore. your growing and stuff. you will regret all the times you didnt pay attention. so pay attention in school…and it will be very easy.

Answer #3

10th grade for me was AMAZING, hot girls wako dudes, and teachers that scream shut the f-up, ahh worst and best year ever. im in 11th now so I guess ill find out how that is.

Answer #4

but im like extrememly shy, ike I hte when they call on me so I just do my own thing and im oky, but I awasy do how but I dont participate as much as others..do you think thatll be bad. plus I do good in most subjects, so I gotta study the ones I struggle the most. =O ughhh ha im scared

Answer #5

If you don’t do anything it will be hard,but if you do your work like you have to,it will be like eating cake,except not tasty lol. 11th Grade isn’t as easy,being a Senior is tougher cause you have to really put your head in the books,I know this cause my friend that got me to pass was a a Senior and passed with 4 A’s,just don’t stress yourself out.

Answer #6

I just finished tenth grade and as long as you stay focused and always do your h.w you should be fine. but I heard eleventh grade is the hardest too.

Answer #7

its not hard. I just got done with 10 grade and going to 11th and I cant wait!

Answer #8

Well 10th grade for my perspective is a hard grade but to me it’ll just be like a walk in the park even though I hate it I still have to do it afterall I am almost there for adulthood.

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