To you personally, whats a good grade?

Okay, here are the individuall questions . :)

What is a good grade to you for : [[then ill give my idea.]]

Math? 95 Science? 98 English? 100 Art? 100 Choir? 100 Gym? 100 History? 96

Final average of all classes for one marking period? about 94at the lowest

Now the same subjects I gave you but for a test.

This is for a good cause I promis, ill tell you after I get enough answers.

Answer #1

me to annith im in advanced everything so its hard but is all 100s and 95s (:. well 95 and above of course lol.

Answer #2

math? 90 science? 93 english? 98 art? 99 choir? 100 gym? 100 history? 98

Answer #3

Hell, anything above a 0 for me is a damn good grade.

Answer #4

Math? 90+ Science? 95+ English? 80+ Art? 100 History? 80+ we dont have choir and gym in our school…

Answer #5

Math? 92 Science? 100 English? 100 Art? 100 Choir? 100 Gym? 100 History? 100 all easy except 4 math but im in advanced math

Answer #6

lol…tinatodder is funni..but good grades to me is grades that are passing grades..c’s and up! 70-100!

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