What.. wouldnt he run off the road...?

So I read a book about a guy with Tourettes and he went on a cross country road trip with a girl he liked. I relize I don’t know very much about tourettes but I couldn’t help but think that he would have driven off the road, soo, it makes no sence to me. What do you think?

Answer #1

No he wouldnt have because not all turettes are the same I mean they have the some symptoms but if the person is relaxed it eases and they dont twitch bad enough to run off the road I was watching this movie and this guy did it and stuff so learn more about it before you assume haha

Answer #2

I thought the same thing when I read that book but I didnt really mind it much because it was such a good book!!!

Answer #3

My hubby’s cousin has Tourette’s.

It’s quite noticeable, but when she’s on her medication, nobody would ever know.

Answer #4

It really depends on what their “ticks” are. It varies for every person. Some people twitch, while other people just yell out certain words. It could even be really subtle, like tapping their foot, which you wouldn’t even notice.

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