What would your three wishes be?

If you had three wishes what would be ? For me they would be…

  1. World Peace
  2. A butt load of money
  3. To be back with my Ex.Wife
Answer #1

1 = for my fiance al’ to not have cancer and for us to be happy together forever 2 = to be thin and stay that way 3 = to have money

Answer #2

1.Money (lots of it) 2.Him (I know who it is) 3.To Be A Size 0

Answer #3
  1. Fame
  2. Money
  3. Happiness
Answer #4

1 To get my brother back. 2 Have billions of money so I can help others. 3 To have E.S.P

Answer #5
  1. cash
  2. to stay w/ my boifrnd 4evr
  3. to be famous
Answer #6

1; lots of money 2;have a nice house 3;have my family not fight

Answer #7
  1. Lots of money
  2. World Peace ( of course)
  3. An unlimited number of wishes :)
Answer #8
  1. More wishes.
  2. Money money money.
  3. Wish that everyone in the whole wide world was my friend forever and ever.
Answer #9
  1. have baby chimps of my own. 2. world peace. 3. to be able to see daddy again and tell him i forgive him. :)
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