What would you call someone that>..

Umm im not really sure but I think theres a name for this, its not a disease btw= like if you have 2 completly different personalities.. Wouldnt it be like a multiple lived person or something because I ger sick of not knowing the name of what I am haha bya and thanks!!

Answer #1

actually multiple personality disorder is no longer used in the DSM, it’s called dissociative identity disorder

The other personality disorder it may be is borderline…

bipolar is a mood disorder and has nothing to do with personality, but opposing moods… manic and depressed…

Answer #2

nikkimouse18 is right its bipolar …bi polor means 2 different/ opposite personalities feelings and everything that goes with it so lets say for exmaple your happy now you will then dramatically be pissed off and snap at the very same person you were happy with

Answer #3

I’m not sure if it’s Schizophrenia…but it might be…

Answer #4

ohh tehy all sound like dieseases and mine isnt even close to a disesase even my doctor said that.. but thanks .. hah

Answer #5


It’s a multi-personality disorder.

Answer #6

I’m pretty sure its schizophrenia

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