Can I make fun of someone who's calling me ugly?

Theres this fat chick that keeps calling me ugly and making fun of me. Is it okay for me to make fun of how fat she is?

Answer #1

No, it’s not OK, Name-calling never speaks well of a person….no reason for you to get in the gutter also, stay above the fray….be the better person / set the better example (people are watching you to see how you handle it)….”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Answer #2

there is this kid that is trying to emotionaly kill me what do I do?

Answer #3

On one hand you’re not supposed to bottle up your anger, and on the other you’re supposed to ignore bullies? C’mon, guys, which one is it? I say to hell with it and do whatever it takes to shut her up. Besides like… killing her that is… But I guess fighting is OK.

Answer #4

well there is this punk at school and he keeps saying I made out with my binder in 5th hour and there is 7 by the end of 7th every on new. do I make rumars about him?

Answer #5

Just tell her to knock it off or you will get a restraining order. That always happens in my school. Someone makes fun of someone else so they get a restraining order through the school. Just do that.

Answer #6

The best thing would be to ignore the taunts. When you fight back things tend to escillate.

Of course since she started it I wouldn’t fault you for responding in kind to her insults. It is just that sometimes this sort of thing gets out of hand.

Answer #7

If you respond with the name calling, then you fall to her level. There is definately some insecurity issues with her. You may try to befriend her? Either way make yourself better, don’t let it bother you & don’t embarrass her. She will finally give up.

Answer #8

NO. Rub your maturity in this broads face. That will hurt!! Compliment her sincerely, and she’ll really look like an ass. Also, she may be far more sensitive to hearing she’s fat than you are to her silly ugly comments..don’t be like her!! If you take the high road she will be even uglier for continuing her BS..If it’s overly distracting to you, address her as an adult and ask that she knock it off..try that first. Plan B comes later…never forget the old saying, “takes one to know one!” If she was pretty, she’d not need convince herself you’re ugly to make herself feel pretty.


Answer #9

Usually when people name call and do things like that there is something that is going on in there lives. If you can try to ask her why she’s calling you those name and what have you done to her to make her call you names.Tell her that whatever is going on in her life she shouldn’t blame others and tell her if she ever needs a friend to talk to you’ll be there. Sometime ignoring doesn’t help you have to address the problem, She just might need a friend. There could be something big and she is probaly crying out for help about something.

Answer #10

there is this kid that is trying to emotionaly kill me what do I do?

Answer #11

I would just ignore her, pretend you don’t know she is there!

Answer #12

there is this kid that is trying to emotionaly kill me what do I do?

Answer #13

Just ignore her, you know better, shes just doing it to distract attention from herself.

Answer #14

hell yes! she’s oviously jealous of you. lets face it you have an arsanal of abuse you can give her! and if she gets violant, she’ll tire easily so just keep out of her range! if your still in school I would not worry too much about being seen as ugly as girls tend to blossom at about 18. there are loads of girls I wish I had given the time of day back in high school because now they look like models where they used to look kinda plain. chin up and dont let KFC’s finest put you down! x

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