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What would jogging give me?

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Hi I am 17 and do a lot of workouts (bodybuilding). The other day I was punching the bag, trying to warm up and realized how quickly I got tired and that my stamina is very low. I am thinking of jogging for 30 minutes before (1 mile) my workouts just to warm up, but the thing is I don't want to get skinny as the purpose of my workouts is to build muscle and get BIG. Can anyone please tell me if jogging will make me burn a lot of fat and will make it more difficult for me to build up? I am planning to jog for 30 minutes, stretch, then punch the bag for another 10 minutes and start building muscle. Would that be ok?? If anyone knows any other ways to get more fit so that I don't run out of breath so fast please share. Thanks a lot