What would be a good gift to give out to everyone at prom?

What would be great gifts to give out to everyone at a prom? Something that they will always remember, but something that isn’t out of this world expensive either.

Answer #1

heey, or even just some kinda ingraved jewerly, cause some people might not be into “dog tags” might seem sorta manly.

goood luck, :)

Answer #2

I see I see, I will look into that, thank you.

Answer #3

Well that is a good idea. Except the military is pretty anti-gay. So that wouldn’t be good for the queer kids.

Answer #4

hah its not about military… its like the same has getting a tatto with your name and grad date just way way cheaper

Answer #5

We all got dog tages that had our names and grad. dates on them… did not cost too much

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