What would be a nice christmas gift to give my husband?

Whats a prefect give to give my boyfriend/husband? But he don’t now what he wants either and I not sure what to get him?

Answer #1

I sorta agree wit Greg.a cook his favorite dinner. and his favorite dessert. Then maybe get a Nice ring. a watch would be a good gift to. Just Slide it across the table to him After he get done stuffing his face (of course). Then maybe a Nice Poem

Answer #2

You give your lot of love on chrismas

Answer #3

It depends. What does he like? You know him best. Think of random, cute things you could do for/give him. Maybe a coupon for a free fuck? Or a free back massage? Maybe you could cook him a cute dessert/dinner and give him a new Watch/ T-shirt/ Ring/ Football? Anything will do really. Just make sure it would be something he would like. :)

Answer #4

Twin’s are always a surprise..lol

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