What's a good gift to give in this case?

What is a good gift to give a girl when -

  1. you don’t really know her very well
  2. you don’t want to come off as being too forward

I am interested in her, but I really don’t know her feelings. She seems to like me when I see her. I would like to have something more than just words asking her out.

She has a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend. We have a definite connection. I only know where she works.. a restaurant. I don’t want to walk in with a bunch of flowers. I’m thinking of only asking for an email address… not even her #. What do you think ?

Answer #1

If you are having feelings for another person, then why are you in a relationship with someone else? If a guy bought your gf a gift, what would your reaction be?

Answer #2

Well i think I understand where you’re coming from…but if you have a girlfriend (?) I’m not too sure if she would appreciate you giving her or any other non-family girl member a gift…especially if its done behind her back…if you do, it could easily remove the trust you have with your current girlfriend….if you are planning to break up with your current girlfriend then its best you do that before you give any girl a gift…. But if you honestly want to keep your gf don’t be giving this girl a gift…… a nice compliment will do just fine and if she has the same connections it will be enough ….trust me!

Answer #3

Great question BowHunter. If you give someone a gift it may make them feel inbebted to you. I don’t think that is what you want. She would be more impressed with a kind and sincere word. A smile and listening to her. Show her you care by being a friend. Spend your energy and attention and save your money. I welcome any gal to respond to your question as well as my answer. good luck Gino

Answer #4

A gift would be flowers, this is a nice and not expensive gift, lol… isn’t it Gino?

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